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How To

How RetroQuote Works
  • Sinclair Spectrum

    What we provide

    Retroquote provides any Internet surfer with the quotes, prices, information for any retro object found in the major Auctions sites. You will be able to know at what price any object has been sold, in which conditions and when (per year quotes). In this way you will be able to evaluate any offer you'd like to get for any of your preferred retro computers, retro items, anythng you will find in our site!
    Don't get cheated, know what it's the right price for the right retro object!

  • Road

    How to find quotes and prices

    Retroquote is really easy to surf. Both on a computer or a Smarthone. Select "DATABASE" from the main menu' and find the firms and producers. Select the one you are searching for and you will get the list of the items that had been quoted for that poducer.
    Clicking on the Item Model you will find the prices for it, per year and per condition!

  • Spider

    Our Spider

    Retroquote has a spider engine which surf the most important Auction sites (Ebay, Katawiki, Ricardo etc). Our Database stores the most significative informations about the object (Conditions, Box, Year and selling price). Every single quote is human reviewed to be sure that the auction is not a "buy it now" or has not been cheated, and that the object has not been put in sale again.
    This is an HUGE work, please support us by making a donation!

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